About Us

The first WPITP event took place in 2011 at the Garrison Ground at Bar End and was organised and managed by A2Dominion with the support of its South Central Forum (residents group). In subsequent years, the event was held in Stanmore at the Somers Close Recreation Ground and although still led by A2Dominion, the emphasis on involving and training their tenants in the management and delivery of the event. However, in 2014, it was a struggle due to dwindling number of volunteers, and difficulty to secure funding.


In 2015 A2Dominion decided not to proceed with WPITP given the difficulties of the previous year, so it did not take place. However, a local resident approached the council about his idea for a music festival and so was born ‘Stanmore Live’. The Stanmore Live event was a great success; however, it was decided that the WPITP event had appealed to a wider selection of the community.


Therefore, in 2016 the WPITP format was reintroduced, but this time with Winchester City Council providing the leadership, management and the majority of the funding. The officers worked hard to coordinating the event with volunteers from various residents group, who formed part of the Project Steering Group, they undertook specific tasks outside of meetings along with related training and of course attended on the day of the event in capacities such as stewarding, parking attendants, information attendants and litter pickers. Without this support, the event would simply not have been possible.


So now in 2017 the Project Steering Group is in the process of forming the Winchester Party in the Park charity group and are transitioning to fully running the event with Support of Winchester City Council and A2Dominion making the event secure hopefully for many years. They will also run other events for residents of Winchester in the future.


It is also important to note the massive contribution and support made by our sponsors and partner agencies that have help this event grow year on year.