Battlefield South

At Battlefield South our aim is to promote communication skills, team work, leadership and physical exercise whilst having fun, via a safe and non contact projectile, “Military simulation” environment, (similar to Paintball and Airsoft, but without the pain, mess, extra cost and safety issues).

We specialize in military simulation (Mil Sim) Laser Tag games, which are suitable for corporate events, parties and as a show attractions for the whole family. As there are no solid projectiles it is ideal for corporate days.  The weapons we typically  use are replica FN P90s and H & K MP7s,  which help to provide some realism, and are built with high tech, eye safe, ”lasers” have red dot sights fitted to aid aiming and utilize the “Battle Storm Advanced and CQB, (Close Quarter Battle)” computer software.


Trickett's Leisure Fun Fair

The funfair will combine a selection of traditional and inflatable rides which the kids love. Funfair always have that special feel see if it rubs off on your.


King of the Castle - jousting

Try our Inflatable Gladiator Jousting and duel with your friends! This inflatable is very popular for both adults and children. Stand facing your opponent on podiums over an inflatable bed and contestants must try and joust each other off, using our padded jousting sticks.

Boogie Bounce.jpg

Boogie Bounce

The ultimate way to get fit for 7 - 70+ yr olds, have fun and get fit . Male or Female and Beginners welcome to all classes, you decide your intensity. Bouncing around on a mini trampoline ‘ROCKS’. Boogie Bounce is low impact so is a lot easier on you joints so you can push yourself more for great results, if you have a Goal Clare will help you achieve it.

I look forward to welcoming you all to class and hope you enjoy Boogie Bounce as much as I do.


Feathers Fangs and Furries

Some of our animals are large and powerful. Some are small and cute!
Some animals are not comfortable in colder conditions and some need a lot of room. Some are happier to be admired rather than be handled.
We have different animals to suit most different requirements, please advise us of the number and ages of the children/adults you will be entertaining and we can suggest the best package of animals for you. Of course if you especially ask for any specific animals we will in nearly all cases cater for this.



Portsmouth Reptile & Amphibian Society

The Portsmouth Reptile and Amphibian Society (PRAS) was founded in 1980 by a group of people with a common interest. Over the years the Club has grown both in size and reputation. It is currently the largest regional group of its kind in the country. The Society provides a platform for education and conservation of a much- maligned group of animals, by allowing access to experts in all fields of herpetology.


Mill Cottage Farm Experience

We specialise in taking a variety of farm and other animals out to schools, play groups, children's parties, residential homes and fairs around Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Sussex, and further afield in south east England as a hands-on educational and recreational experience for all ages.

As an educational travelling farm experience we help people to learn more about our animals, and provide experiences such as wool spinning and egg candling, as well as learning about self-sufficiency.


Little Monsters - Lazer Quest

An inflatable maze. Laser Quest is up-to 10 players.  The very latest in mobile interactive laser technology.

The aim of the game is simple

to shoot your opponents without being shot yourself. The guns have different coloured lights for identification, built in score display, sound effects and speech telling the player when they have been shot or hit another player.

The systems comes complete with internal smoke effects*, 10 laser guns which have built-in sensors and do not require body packs, enabling a fast change over between games.

See Website for more
Somers Close Gym.jpg

Winchester City Council - Activities Team

The Sport and Physical Activity team looks after all of the Winchester District's sporting needs working with sports clubs to encourage residents to be active.

They will be organising activities on the outdoor gym, come along and have a go.

Win Fire  and rescue2.jpg

Winchester Fire and Rescue

"We are here to make life safer for everyone in Hampshire.

"With the support of our Fire and Rescue Authority, we will always ensure we are there when emergencies happen. We will also work hard with our communities to educate people to take the right action to reduce the risk of fires and other incidents happening.

"Over the last decade we have successfully driven down the number of fires to half the level of 10 years ago. As a modern fire and rescue service we aim to make ourselves even more relevant to the lives of people in Hampshire as we move towards 2020 and beyond.

"This is about more than just fire. We continue to support our ambulance colleagues through our medical co-responding work. We are also passionate about collaborating and working ever more closely with our partners to further enhance the safety of the county.