Winchester Party in the Park 2017

Raining Bubbles

Blowing bubbles in the rain didn't spoil the fun of the day.

Hello Pet

The farm animals drew a crowd as usual and people loved to be able to touch and stroke them.

Singing in the rain

Sea of umbrellas but luckerly didn't rain all the time, honest.

Romsey Old Cadets

Blowing his own trumpet, the Old Romsey Cadets gave a great display as usual.

A foot up

No this isn't the entry gate but part of the assult course which was very popular.

Grand Performance

The stage was set and Seven Eleven did a set of rock and role which had many heads nodding in time.


The Stunt bikes were amazing, it was a shame that they could only do one performance as the apparatuses was too wet.

Cuddly Friend

How often do you get to hold a snake and learn all about them


The dog agility was enjoyable to watch as the rushed around the course, and the dogs too.

Gabz Possy

People loved meeting Gabz and getting a photo with her but they didn't have their lighters in the air

Say it with flowers

Happy smile as people took home their purchaces from the many varied stalls.

Last Song

Gabz performing to close another successful day