1st Weekly Update

Some of our staff setting up last years event
Some of our staff setting up last years event

This is the first update blog, so better make a good one eh? We'll see.

We are less than eighty days until the event and in the process of finalising the attractions and stage artist etc. We have to jump through some hoops to get this organised, first we need their risk assessment, every attraction has to have one and this get added to Event Management Plan along with their Insurance Policy, then we have to check what type of generator they have (must be diesel), and if it’s food related, we need a copy of their hygiene certificate for the EMP. So, you see there is a lot going on in the background a bit like the swan gliding across the surface and its legs going like hell underneath.

One thing the committee is discussing is broadening the things we include at the event, some for this year some for next, we are not mentioning these yet so you have to wait and see (no spoilers here). Remember you can have your say about what you’d like and what you don’t on the forum page. Another topic we are discussing is what we are going to do for the 10th Anniversary, to make it bigger and better, we definitely want your input into that. There is much more happening under the hood, which we will cover in the next few blogs. Cheers.

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