60 Days and counting.

We want to give everyone experiances they wouldn't normally get.

Things are coming together nicely; the infrastructure is in place and we have nearly dotted the T’s and crossed the I’s or something like that. We will be announcing the final acts, attractions and stalls shortly and you can see them here first. Each year we try to show you new phenomenon’s and to expand the event, to make it a richer experience for little cost. As you can imagine this is not cheap to arrange and run and we are always looking for sponsors and funding avenues to maintain this as a free entry and reduce cost on attractions.

Now it’s the final push towards the event day, the charity committee with its six members along with representatives from A2Dominion, Carroll Centre and Winchester City Council are hard at work to bring this together, but we believe it is worth it and that the event enriches the residents of Winchester and gives much joy to those who attend. What more can we wish for?

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