Starting to set in stone

The Committee and volunteers are actively insuring that everyone has the best time possible.

We are only two months away from the event and on Tuesday we have a meeting where we will sign off many of the acts, attractions and stalls. Their risk assessments and insurance details have been added to the Event Management Plan, plus food hygiene certificates if they serve food/drinks. At the meeting we will also finalise the site plan and lock down where everything will be located. As we a close to the event we will move to twice monthly meeting rather than the monthly ones we have been having. There are lots that go on in the background, all committee members have first aid and fire extinguisher training, two have NVQ Level 2 in food hygiene and two have had training in terrorist response. It takes 9 months of planning to put on the event and its over in a day and that day make it all worth the work. Except for the two to three days of tidying up afterwards, lol.

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